Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Joining in

I like joining in with the various knitting/ blogging memes and events that are around. However, I am not very good at sticking with them. Either I don't get round to doing anything to post about or I don't have time to read all the other lovely posts, so it does not seem fair to link up mine.

Hopefully I can get better about that.

I joined Team Saquatch on Ravelry for the Tour de Fleece. Then forgot to write down the start date. I realised about two days in that I had missed the start and never caught up. The couple of days I did some spinning did not really feel like it counted so I didn't post. Next year I am going to try again because it was a lot of fun last year.

Which brings me to the Ravellenic Games (I'm sure you heard the madness over the name change, if not it is all on Ravelry). Although I don't tend to watch a great deal of the Olympics I did enjoy doing a knitting challenge during the games two years ago (Winter Olympics).

To avoid a repeat of the Tour de Fleece I have sorted my goals ahead of the start. Which is this Friday. Although I live in the host country, where the madness may be at its peak, I actually had not realised it was this week until yesterday. Just not paying attention I guess.

I thought hard about my goals, I wanted them to be a personal challenge, but there is a lot of other stuff requiring attention around here too so I have not aimed to high and picked out some reserves.
  • Modular relay- 30 squares on my sock yarn blanket. This is equivalent to a whole row. One of my main tasks for the games.
  • WIP wrestling- I have a boot sock that needs a foot and a heel to be complete.
  • Frogging trampoline- Colourwork duck socks and the parts of a burgundy sweater
  • Hand dye high dive- 100g of fibre and probably some yarn too, basically an afternoon of dyeing fun
  • Handspun heptathalon- 100g spun up. Either for my ongoing sweater project or the above hand dyed for some socks, depends when I get to the dyeing. This is my other main challenge.

If all that gets done I am going to do some stash raiding (synchronised stash busting) and make a one skein project (single skein sprint). It can go in which ever class is appropriate for what I make, a hat or cowl most likely. And if that gets done I will do the same again, or start some socks.

Soon to be frogged sock:

The foot is oddly baggy, it does not fit over the heel easily (although will go with force) and it is so long since I made it that I would not be able to make the second one match.

I do plan to reuse the yarn for the same pattern, but it will wait until after the Games, that is too much of a challenge!


  1. That sounds like a lot of goals to me. ;-)

    Will you be seeing any of the events? Are you close enough to make that reasonable? Or too close that the crowds will be insane? ;-)

  2. Wowza! You sure picked a bunch of events to complete. I hope you can stick to those goals.