Friday, 8 June 2012

FO Friday- What can you make from 50g?

I was recently gifted a 50g ball of wool/cotton blend. Instead of letting it languish in the big box of yarn I challenged myself to use it all up last weekend.

50g is a tricky amount. I started with a hat design I have in mind, but decided I want to work that up in a different yarn.

Plan B was a pattern search on Ravelry, this may be the greatest function ever. I use it all the time to find patterns for odd yarn amounts. And in fact to find all kinds of patterns.

I settled on a hat.

Pattern: Slouched Tuva hat by Turvid
Yarn: Adriafil Duo comfort classic
Needles: 3.5mm circular

A very easy pattern to follow. Mostly just knit with some decreases and yarn overs to make the lacey bits. The crown decreases are done well so the pattern stays to the top rather than having that odd stocking stitch circle that some hat patterns have. 

It is a bit small for me, and like all hats makes me look like a plonker. I will find someone to give it to.

Once the hat was complete I had an even smaller ball of yarn to find a project for. Just 13g.

Pattern: Two seam cube by Clare Doornbos
Needles: 2.25mm dpns

A very clever pattern, four sides are worked in the round then the top and bottom are made using triangles. Simple to follow, although picking up the right stitches for the triangles requires a bit of concentration.

This pattern is made of win. It makes a delightfully squishy cube. Not sure what I am going to do with it, mostly I just squish it.

With the cube done I had about 30cm of yarn left. It was close, I went through the last bit of the pattern saying "I'm going to run out" a lot, but all was good in the end.


  1. wow talk about cutting it fine!!! I love the hat - it's so pretty, and the colour is gorgeous. have a knitty friday xxx

  2. Nice hat! I have a lot of single balls in my boxes ...

  3. What a nifty idea. I have a couple of odd to ravelry now to see what I could possibly do with them :D

  4. I like that hat...may have to make one myself. Love the color of the yarn too. Looks very squishy.

  5. You know, that's a great idea - making stuffed blocks from those tiny oddments. Anything in my stash below 50 grams usually gets striped into something else. But maybe I should look at some toy patterns? Happy Friday!

  6. Great projects. It's amazing what can be done with just a small amount of yarn.

  7. Wow I can't believe you made both of those with just 50g of yarn.. That is some serious talent..I always need more yarn then the pattern calls for.

  8. Brilliant use of 50g! That's a great challenge :)

  9. congrats on using up all the yarn, that's always something I fail at! the cube is so great.


  11. I looooove that pattern search in Ravelry! It has done wonders for using up some of my stash! Congrats on finding something with which to use up your amount.

  12. I learnt yesterday (in a very round about way) that Tuva is famous for its throat singing...