Friday, 1 June 2012

FO Friday- Toddler mittens

More scrap busting, leftovers from my step it up hat. A nice speedy knit to break up the boredom of the big project I have on the go.

Pattern: Stay-Put baby mitts by Jillian Neary
Yarn: Lion brand woolease
Needles: 4.5mm dpns

This is the simplest of patterns but very effective,  a ribbed tube, a stockinette tube and decreases to close the end. I skipped the I-cord ties and jumped straight to the k2 k2tog round on the decreases.

You may notice that there are three mittens. It is not that I know some oddly shaped small people. It is just that I had that much yarn left and I figured that mittens get lost so three gives a spare. I left out the i-cord string as for the last lot of mittens I made group wisdom said no strings for little people

There is a tiny ball of yarn left, this stuff just keeps on going! So far out of one 85g ball I have made an adult hat, a stuffed elephant and three toddler sized mittens. The scrap left is not really enough to make anything from. I will maybe have to make something stripy as I am trying to avoid leftovers.


  1. I think three might be very handy indeed. I remember my Mom used to prowl our route back in forth to school in early spring as the snow melted, looking for the mates for all our orphaned mitts.

    I hear you about using up leftovers. I've been stripe-ing as well!

  2. Those are so tiny and sweet. Yes, LittleDog got a taste of the pork, which could create a dangerous situation since he doesn't want to leave the kitchen now...ever.

  3. I think you're absolutely right, at some point one will go missing.

  4. Happy birthday for 1st June!
    I can totally see why people say no strings for little people but by the time they are walking about, strings on mitts is a must! ;) xx