Sunday, 29 April 2012

Knitting and crochet blog week day 7- Crafting balance

The blog week prompt for today asks about the balance between knitting and crochet.

I learnt to crochet about two years before I started knitting. Made a few things, and more or less stopped. Back then I didn't know about Ravelry or the amazing yarns available. It was cheap acrylic and learning from a book.  

Not easy to see in the picture, but this is made from crochet.

I do find crochet far easier to make up as you go along. It is faster too, but uses a lot more yarn. Occasionally I make a crochet project, but I have to look up the stitches as I have forgotten them. 

About three and a half years ago I learnt to knit. And pretty much haven't stopped, days I don't knit are far more notable than days I do.

For me there are other fibre crafts that need a look in too. I love to dye yarn and fibre. Playing with colours is so much fun. Dyeing tends to get its turn in bursts. All the stuff comes out, I have a session or two then pack away.

Finally spinning. This sits somewhere between dyeing and knitting. I have been doing more recently as I am spinning for a sweater. I am trying to do a little most days as there is a lot to spin. 

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  1. Looks like you've achieved a pretty good balance. I find that I only quilt in bursts because of all the set up and mess involved. Now, if I had a dedicated workshop space ....