Monday, 23 April 2012

Knitting and crochet blog week day 1- Colour lovers

The topic for today's blog week post is colour. Lots of photos today, because how can you talk about colour without showing it off?

My favourite way to play with colour is dyeing. In particular dyeing fibre as you can then get a wide range of effects by how you spin

Some recently dyed fibres:

I have recently started getting the hang of colourwork. A great technique for using colour in knitting (as the name suggests). It works really well using a strong colour with something more neutral for a good contrast, like these:

I do go through phases of colours. This deep red appears a lot. I took a quick scroll down my Ravelry projects page and can spot a lot of this. 

Blue is another colour that comes up in my colour phases, for a while everything I knit is blue. The yarn in these socks shows another yarn effect that I love, self striping, especially with long repeats and gradual blending.

Rainbow stripes are my absolute favourite though.

I think socks are the best way to use colour in knitting. The small circumference uses colours well. It is possible I am biased towards socks but you can rock a pair of rainbow socks when a brightly coloured jumper wouldn't work.


  1. Gorgeous yellow and oranges in that fourth photo - it's like fiber-y sunshine! I think socks are the perfect garment to experiment with. They usually remain under the radar no matter how brightly coloured or patterned they are!

  2. liking the pinky/purple yarn

  3. Sock so rock especially when they are rainbow rockers!

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  4. I love your blue and white mitts. So pretty! Great post.

  5. Your yellow roving and rainbow socks just sing to me!

  6. It'll be so interesting to see how your roving spins up. What fun you have.
    The rainbow socks totally rock!