Friday, 20 April 2012

FO Friday- Trilobite

A quick knit and a short post for my FO this week.

For some reason I felt the urge to knit a trilobite, the pattern has been in my favourites for ages and it was a good way to use up a small ball of the 2kg of undyed aran yarn I have been working through. I cast in in spite of all the WIPs that would like some attention.

In a short while I had this:

Yarn: Wendy Traditional aran, undyed
Needles: 2.5m dpns
Mods: Worked the antennae as a short I cord using the yarn tail after kitchenering rather than a crochet chain sewn on.

I think this would have been easier on 3mm needles, it was hard work on 2.5mm, very tight stitches are not easy to make.

A nice easy pattern, a little fiddly at first but a very cute finished object. A very fast knit too. He has been sitting on my spinning wheel, but I think he would be good to hide in random places around the house. 

I do have a full sized FO to share, but no photos yet. Maybe next week.


  1. I feel a bit dumb because I had to google "trilobite" but yours is very cute. I think I'd like mine flattened out like a fossil :)

  2. Would be a good cat toy for a paleontology geek's cat! Or you could find other fossil patterns and make a weird mobile...

  3. Oh so cool, got to knit one of these for my daughter. Thanks.

  4. I love that " For some reason I felt the urge to knit a trilobite".. well why not! LOL!!
    Very cute!