Friday, 6 April 2012

FO Friday- Forest cuff

I have been trying to finish up WIPS. My plan to avoid them and work on small stash projects only at weekends seems to have failed. I just can't sit still with nothing to do in the evenings!

This is one of those little projects that really should take an evening or two, but it got pushed into a bag when I needed to check the pattern and ignored for a few weeks. I finally finished it as part of the Playful Day Ravelry group stash busting challenge.

Yarn: Dream in color smooshy in Jungle
Needle: 2.25mm
Mods: Worked medium length but large width to make a wider cuff.

This is a great pattern, it uses just a little yarn and a couple of buttons to make a gorgeous cuff.  It is great for stash busting and would make a perfect present.

The pattern is easy to follow (Knitty patterns usually are) and has a couple of variations to make different cuffs. Although I am not keen on repeating patterns I think I might make some more of these, either as gifts or for me.

The yarn was leftover from making socks. I received it in the Playful Day swap so it seemed appropriate to use it for some of the stash busting challenge. It is smooth and heavenly. I love getting yarns that are hard to find in the UK.

The buttons have been lurking in my stash for a while. I don't get that excited about most buttons, apart from wooden ones. The fact they are leaf shaped just seals the deal.

Not much more to say on it really, just yay all round!

I have been working on a longer term WIP, finishing up a cardigan that has been on the needles for ages. It is at the point where there is not much left to do, so of course I get bored and want to start something new. I have been bribing myself with super quick knits to do sections (that is sad right, bribing myself to work on my hobbies?!). It is going to be the focus of my Easter knitting, so I am hoping I will have it ready to show you by next week. Fingers crossed.


  1. This is so beautiful! I love the colours!

  2. I love this cuff and the buttons. I am really into cuffs right now. Geez, I need to get some new buttons so I can make me a new cuff.

  3. Oh my gosh, I want one of these---the yarn is great, the pattern is one I've admired anytime I've seen a version made up (and one of those many "wish I could knit!" patterns, for me), and the buttons. The buttons. I'm a huge leaf-shaped-bits-and-bobs fan, and those are gorgeous, and perfect for this project.

  4. That is so cool! Thanks for adding a link. *runs off to look at pattern*

  5. Look how adorable those buttons are! Couldn't possibly be put to better use in that little cuff!

  6. Love the cuff - so perfect for leftover bits. Queuing the pattern!

  7. Really pretty. What's that in the background of the photo?

  8. The top of my fish tank. It was raining and the only reasonable light for taking photos was in front of the window, where the fish tank is.