Friday, 13 January 2012

FO Friday- Slippers

I have a new plan for choosing projects. For a few months I am going to try to pick small projects that use stash yarn and can be made during weekends. This should help clear up the odd balls and scraps and means I don't get distracted by wanting to knit when I should be working during the week.

The first project to get this treatment was a WIP. I bought some Regia slipper soles and had started to use the free pattern that came with them to make slippers. I was using two lots of handspun from the tour de fleece. Baby alpaca and a beautiful alpaca/merino blend from the Wonder Why Gal.

They were coming out a funny shape and I was going to run out of yarn so I frogged the alpaca blend section and restarted the foot using some Debbie Bliss chunky cashmerino from my stash. Instead of following the Regia pattern I worked a basic short row heel sock with a ribbed top to the foot.

I think I need to look at a photo or video tutorial for short row heels the next time I do them, they come out ok, but I think there is something a little odd, maybe I am twisting some of the stitches or getting the wraps wrong.

Sewing the soles on is not the easiest task. The first one I put on and sewed while I was wearing it. This requires rather more yoga style moves than I am really capable of so I had to take it off to finish it. The second one was not so bad, I pinned it all the way round using dressmaking pins while I was wearing it, then took it off to sew. 

I think I would have been a little happier with slightly longer cuffs. If I was redoing them I would work toe up to use all the blue yarn, then finish off with the handspun on the cuff.

Mmmmm, cosy. Because the only thing better than wearing a pair of handknit socks is finding a way to wear two pairs at once.

I have been wearing these every evening since I finished them. They are super cosy and the ribbing holds them nicely in place. The soles felt a little narrow when I first wore them, but they seem to have settled in and are a good fit. I may be making some of these for Christmas this year (see, planning early!)


  1. Those look very warm and comfortable, and what a great idea for Christmas presents.

  2. Nice job, I love the attached sole, they will last so much longer!

  3. LOVE how those slippers turned out. Wish you had enough of the Alpaca blend because I know that your toes would have been super cozy in them...I know, the merino will be awesome too.

  4. Great socks and a great idea for Christmas presents. I love the color you have chosen.

  5. What wonderful slipper socks!! The addition of the sole will assure years of enjoyable wear!

  6. whoa these are amazing! they look super comfy too. and I love your plan to knit smaller projects from stash - I should totally do that too.

  7. Those are very cozy looking slippers!!!