Thursday, 27 October 2011

Something about spinning

I suspect you are getting bored of seeing the same project every week, the problem with spinning thin yarn is that is takes a long time, so there is nothing new and exciting to share. Anyway, last week I showed you the finished singles on my drop spindle.

Having learnt my lesson from the hideous tangle I got into wiyth the first half of this I made a plying ball. To keep it under control I popped it into a mug and looped the single through the handle.

Up to the wheel, because I am never plying on my spindle ever again, ever! And after a little navajo plying we have this:

It has yet to be washed, but I will count it as done since the photo will not look any different after. The next time you see this is will be being knitted up, or maybe even as a finished object! It feels a little smaller than the first skein, so if I make socks they will be toe up to use as much as possible.

That also means next week there will be a new project to share, I have four to choose from, I feel somewhat spoilt for choice.


  1. Good idea using the cup. Your yarn looks beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous colours- cant wait to see what it becomes!

  3. Gorgeous yarn!!! I'm excited to see the FO!

  4. The time it takes me to spin fine yarn gives me an opportunity to take crazy random photos of LittleDog. These I insert in my blog so folks will be distracted and not notice that I've been working on the same things for a while. (like The Big Ass Sweater-it's been on the needles for 3 yrs) I'm almost sad that it's going to be finished soon. The cup-o-yarn is a great idea! I was wondering what I could do with all those promotional mugs in my cupboard. Thanks for that tip. You could show me the same yarn several weeks in a row and I wouldn't be bothered at all. Keep spinning!

  5. Lovely yarn...great idea using a cup.