Friday, 14 October 2011

FO Friday- Crochet bear

I have been working on projects, but they are all either for a swap or for Christmas presents, so they have been designated sooper sekrit (why lolcat style? Dunno, why not?).

Since I hate to miss a FO Friday I thought I would share another project made years ago in my crochet days, pre Ravelry. I made this little bear up as I went along, I did write down what I was doing as I went but having looked at my notes it makes no sense at all.

He is made from a cotton blend and has movable joints. His head is a little out of proportion with his body, but cute nonetheless


  1. Aw, he's so cute :)

    So much of my time is also being taken up by sekrit unbloggable projects - it's very frustrating!

  2. He's adorable! Awesome that you did it with movable joints. I haven't done that, yet.

  3. How lovely! (And go you, for just making him up as you went along---he was definitely a complete success. I'm sorry that your notes make no sense in retrospect, though. :( ...At least you tried to make notes. I never even get that far when I'm making on-the-fly projects.)

  4. He is darling, and I especially love his pert little ears!

  5. I'm trying so hard to resist becoming a full fledged crocheter (I'm a knitter...I'm a knitter!!!), but your little bear is adorable. You might drag me to the dark side yet!!!