Sunday, 7 August 2011

Year of Projects- in which I have made no progress, but have taken a couple of pictures

The last week and a half have been spent on scout camp. I was helping to organise a section of the activities, so there has been no progress at all on the Hemlock Ring blanket. In fact I didn't knit on anything for over a week, which was probably the first time in almost three years!

The wonder of scheduling meant I could put blog posts up even when I wasn't here, but I did miss the various link parties, so I am happy to be back and blogging in real time this week.

I was asked for a close up of the centre of the Hemlock ring in the comments of my last post, I have tried to oblige. The centre section, before the featehr and fan chart is started.

The very centre

I enjoyed doing the large holes as it was a new technique for me. On one row you work a lot of YO one after the other, the following row you work several kfb into the large loop of yarn made by the YOs. It sounds complicated, but like a lot of knitting instructions if you just do exactly what the pattern says and it comes out fine (of course this only works if the pattern is well written, but this one is).

Next week I hope to be approaching the border, but quite a few rounds to go before I get there!


  1. Thanks for obliging with a picture! It looks more like a sunflower to my eyes ... it's lovely, good luck with the last of it!

  2. Love the close ups. Looks like a sunflower to me too. I'm yet to work out scheduling!

  3. Beautiful, I know it's too far in advance to be planning on grandchildren, but this is definitely on my bucket list as an heirloom one for the first grandchild I get

  4. Love the close up, sounds like a really interesting technique to make those holes too :)

  5. oh that's lovely! I am learning to trust the pattern.

    Hope you had a good time at scout camp!

  6. I love the title of this post - it is very much like everything in my knitting basket!
    The blanket is beautiful -

  7. Thanks for posting the close's really awesome. Welcome back to real time, with ya completely on that, as I too was away.

  8. Gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the finished blanket.