Friday, 12 August 2011

FO Friday- P socks

I chose something simple for my P sock because I knew that scout camp would not leave me with much time for knitting. I did take the yarn and pattern with me, but was too busy to make a start. I had to steam through them when I got home, and have literally just sewn the ends in so I can share them for today's FO Friday.

Yarn- Yarn 2 dye 4 superwash sock
Needles- 2.25mm dpns

Having made friends with the short row heel on my N and O socks I decided I would go with the pattern and try making these toe up. I have tried toe up before, but while I could see the advantages of avoiding running out of yarn I was not convinced. Toe up heel flaps are a PITA and short row heels ended up holey.

I have to admit, I might be a convert, but it all comes down to how these wear when I give them a test run over the weekend. I did struggle with where to start the heel, I knew my foot length, but not how long the make the foot before I started the heel. Fortunately having done a top down version first I could go and measure that one from the toe to the heel start and use that number (about 20cms for a UK size 5).

The pattern creates a nice sock that is not overly complicated, but I found it interesting enough to work, the purl stitches move around so you have to give it a little thought to make sure they go where they should.
The only real problem with this pattern is that no instructions are given for the toe and heel, just links to instructions from Knitty. This is fine if you know how to do them anyway, or are near a computer, but if not it makes what would otherwise be a great beginner pattern a bit of a challenge.

I used the surprisingly stretchy bind off rather than the sewn bind off and worked a round toe.

I bought the yarn at a local steam fair (so am not doing a proper review), it is a lovely mix of bonfire colours but definitely needed a simple pattern as it would have obscured lace and cables. It is a superwash but I have given up machine washing my socks, my new machine has magic powers to shrink and lightly felt socks even at low temperatures so they all get handwashed now.

The full sock photo does not show off the stitch pattern as it is too variegated, you can see it quite well in close up though.

The pattern might be better suited to a less variegated yarn, something solid or subtle shades. That said it is a good way to use up very variegated yarn while knitting something more interesting than a plain vanilla sock, and thus saving your sanity.

On a sock related, but non project specific note I was wondering what other knitters do about sock length.
At knit night yesterday I was working on these and someone commented they looked very long, which is a valid point. I make my socks the same length as my foot, not relying on any lengthwise stretch. I have found that making them shorter than my actual foot results in the heel slipping under the foot (which is annoying) or the extra tension on the toe caused by the stretch makes the toe stitches stretch and gape, and I guess would lead to holes (which is even more annoying). What do you do? Rely on stretch or match foot length?


  1. Oooh, love that stitch pattern.

    I (in my 2 pairs of sock experience!) go with matching foot length, I find it more comfortable (my first sock expected some lengthways stretch but I didn't like it as much).

    I'm working on toe up sock at the moment and like you, I'm not convinced. Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. The socks are sassy! I love them in the variegated yarn. As for length, I am speaking as a knitted sock lover since I am still completing my first pair...I prefer them to be longer. I agree with the slipping. I think they would last longer too because the yarn isn't being pulled and stretched as much over the length of your foot. I am actually ripping the toe out of my first sock and adding length to match my second sock because I am happier with the length of the second sock.

  3. I love the socks, and the yarn! Well done on getting them finished :)

  4. I try to only give a smidge of stretch because I have the same problem with the heel slipping under my foot than you do, but if I make the socks the length of my foot they get baggy.

    I have one pair of socks I NEVER have problems with because they stretch like a dream even though it's a mosaic pattern. They are made of KnitPicks Risata which has the elastic and I am SO SO MAD that they aren't making that yarn anymore so I can have more awesome socks.

  5. Very nice pattern for a busy yarn! I like SSBO for toe-up socks, but I still find the gusset and heel flap socks fit best.

  6. Can't comment on socks as I have never made one let alone a pair.

    But it's it funny how we HAVE to have something to post for FO Friday!

  7. I like that stitch pattern! I'll have to remember these.

    Very nice!

  8. Such beautiful colours, and I love that diamond pattern. I hope the first-real-wear test run goes well!

  9. Very nice socks. I love that bind off. I found it while making cowls and it gave me the courage to try toe up socks.

  10. Beautiful socks. Really lovely yarn and pattern - nice choice! :)

    Have a lovely weekend