Friday, 26 August 2011

Versatile blogger

Becasue I fight with my computer on a regular basis I have only just got this button downloaded and reuploaded.

Liz from Yarn Berry presented me with a blogger award, and it is even in my current favourite shade of green (see recently finished socks on this week's FO Friday). Thank you Liz!

Having thanked the lovely Liz I am now supposed to tell you seven things about myself, so here they are:

  1. I am addicted to knitting, in particular socks (should these be things you don't know, becasue that probably wouldn't count)
  2. I think Dairy Milk is the tastiest chocolate ever and that it kicks the arse of expensive fancy chocolates
  3. I am secretly amused at the mild rudeness of using the word arse in the above comment
  4. Which should probably tell you that I am refusing to grow up (I finally have to consider properly entering the real world of work in about a month after 8 years of being a student :( )
  5. I don't really have a favourite colour any more, I just like bright ones
  6. I have a not overly secret dream of having a farm/zoo full of fibre animals, and maybe tigers.
  7. I have a terrible diet, today everything I have eaten so far contained chocolate chips (see also comment 4!).
Next task is to link to some recently found blogs and pass the award on, in fact the rules say fifteen but I don't have that many new ones on my Google Reader, plus those that are I think have already recieved it. So I am going to link to the Ravelry Year of Projects group instead, there are a lot of blogs there that I am enjoying reading and I recommend having a browse through. (Yes I do realise that is something of a lazy cop out, I reserve the right to come back and pass the award on to specific blogs once I have got to know some of them a little better).


  1. I do adore these awards. I always learn a wee bit more about my favorite bloggers.

  2. Great idea passing it back to the group! Not lazy either. Oh, and I still use the word arse and I'm not a student either.