Monday, 22 August 2011

Ibstock country fair

Yesterday was a beuatiful sunny day, I think the weather is playing tricks because it has begun to feel like autumn is coming, and then we have some glorious weather. We took a trip to Ibstock country fair, a local show that I found while looking for craft fairs.

I found this handsome chap, a Lincoln long wool, with some lovely looking fleece, but he (or possibly she, too much fleece to tell) was still wearing it, so I just looked longingly then left it alone.

In the craft tent there was yarn and fibre on offer, but I have recently bought yarn off the same seller at another show and I didn't like the feel of the fibre, so I left empty handed. My OH was amazed and thought I might be feeling ill!

For more, mostly non sheep related pictures of the show see here.


  1. Mr. Lincoln is a handsome chap! That hair looks like a dog's coat (poodle?), but don't let him know it was whispered. Hope you had a good time at the fair!

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  3. I'd have been tempted to try to knit right off of that pretty sheep!

  4. Now that I know how to comb a long wool I can say "what a beautiful sheep". Prior to the class I took last week I would have thought, "oh that looks like a LOT of work". The more you know...Thanks for sharing your pic. Nice sheep.