Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tour de fleece day 5

Today was another plying day. I navajo plied the BFL spingle from yesterday to get about 30m. It is a similar weight to the alpaca from the start of the tour so I might combine the two.

Close up shot

I have learnt some more with this project, in an attempt to avoid overspinning and get a soft squishy yarn some bits were underspun. This caused a few problems with the plying as navajo plying needs a little extra robustness in the single so that it can cope with being pulled through itself. There were a few breaks in the single because of this but it all held together ok in the end.

I did some other plying too, but since the singles were spun ages ago I am not counting them as part of the tour, they will get a photo later on.


  1. Such lovely spinning and plying, it looks wonderfully soft!

  2. It does look soft, squishy soft!

    I have Navajo plied before, but like you said, the singles were too thin and it broke. It works well with a strong yarn like Corriedale, though.

  3. Really pretty, it's looks like a nice cozy yarn! Happy spinning!

  4. I really need to learn how to navajo ply but so much of my yarn is worsted weight that I'm afraid it would be too bulky. ARgh! Your BFL is lovely.

  5. Don't you love how every time you spin something you learn something? It's my favorite part of spinning. I try to learn something new about it every day. Happy FAF.