Thursday, 9 June 2011

Shop review- Tangent Treasures

When I stop being on a yarn diet I do so in style, this is the tale of my second yarn purchase this month, with another yesterday and possibly more at the weekend. More on yesterday's purchase when the postie brings my purchases.

We took a trip to get some pizza, it is special pizza from a wonderful pub with an Italian wood fired pizza oven. The first time we went a few months ago I spotted  a yarn shop on the way and insisted we stop, but because I am disorganised I never got as far as doing a review, I did take a photo, here it is:

They have a website too with location and opening times, that can be seen here. Opening times are very useful as it meant I could plan a trip for Sunday and time it for when the shop would be open. More shops should give out useful info like that. 

The shop is in Willington, Derbyshire (the pizza is in Repton at the Bull's Head if anyone wants to know)

The shop itself is tiny, but there is a lot in there yarns as well as a wide range of other gifts (not necessarily knitting related). I made a beeline for the sock yarn which has its own shelf but there are lots of other weights and types. Lots of very nice Collinette but also a range from basic acrylics to fancy yarns (I can't remember brands but lots of heavenly squishiness). They also stock knitpicks needles.

The owner is lovely, we chatted about yarns and magazines. There is even a man chair to sit your other half in while you browse.

Prices seem pretty standard, the Jitterbug I bought the first time was a little more expensive than online, but cheaper once you consider postage. The yarn I bought this time was the same as its online prices. And as always you get the advantage of being in an actual shop talking to people and squishing the yarns, which I always think is worth a little extra cost.

On to my purchase, a ball of Katia ole in blues and purples.

I need to make at least one more trip as they have one more sock yarn I have not tried but quite fancy, and then I can just go and browse the lovely yarns.

Oh and the pizza was delicious!

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