Friday, 24 June 2011

FO Friday- Blue blueberries

I have been trying to get things finished up this week, so now I have a few almost finished items. This weekend I will be setting to with a tapestry needle and some blocking, and hopefully clearing the WIPs. I don't like having too many WIPs, I feel like I should be working to get them done all the time and can never choose which to work on.

Anyway, enough of the WIPs, for this is Friday, and thus the day of the FO.

More socks! And not A-Z ones, but extra bonus socks.
Yarn: Regia silk 4 ply
Needles 2.25mm dpns
Notes: I used a 4 ply over 68sts and worked a YOYO short row heel rather than following the pattern.

This pattern is great, fast to work and simple. It does get a tiny bit boring to be honest, but it is good for times when you need low concentration knitting.
The ribbed effect helps to keep the sock snug all the way along the foot so it would be good if you are not quite sure what size to make, go for a slightly high stitch count and the ribbing will make them fit. 
I am not keen on repeating patterns when there are so many out there, so I might not make it again, that said it would be good for manly socks where "fancy" things like cables are not wanted.

The yarn is heavenly. I bought it for the Walking on Sunshine KAL, but it got switched over to these as I needed to make them in a hurry. I will be buying more of this for sure as it is so soft, but according to the label is still machine washable. Plus it should be hard wearing as Regia tends to be. In fact, it is looking good for my all time favourite sock yarn, the colour range is very limited though and not many stores stock it, I may have to investigate buying it overseas!

These were a gift, and the lovely yarn made it a little hard to let them go, but the recipient seems to like them (plus they would have been to big for me!).

Stitch pattern close up:


  1. I'm exactly the same about too many WIPs. I need a few, but too many is stressful! Love the socks, the stitch pattern is really nice :)

  2. ooooh, those are gorgeous! The blue is the perfect shade. know if you need help getting the right color from over yonder, you know the right person to help. I'm on the home stretch of my Walking on Sunshine so hopefully I'll be able to start the next ones...soon.

  3. Very cute! I love the texture of the pattern as well as the color!

  4. Great socks! Now you know you like the yarn so you can use it for yourself sometime.

  5. I like these! The pattern is lovely!

  6. What pretty socks!!! I love the pattern and the color! :D

  7. I love boring and repetitive patterns. Apparently this pattern has been in my rav faves since 2008. Perhaps I should actually knit them. Yours are lovely and very inspiring.

  8. I love this pattern. Simple but looks great. The socks look awesome.

  9. I made a pair of those socks before, and you are right it does get a little boring, but sometimes boring is nice.