Sunday, 26 June 2011

Banana 2

Ages ago I posted about spinning with banana fibre, it was my something different for blog week and I did a post about what I though of it, how it spun etc, you can see that post here.

With the tour de Fleece fast approaching I realised I needed to empty a spindle/ Since the one holding my orange project has many hours of work left I thought the banana was the better option.

It was a fairly thin single, I wound it into a ball for plying as I find it does not roll very easily off the spindle.

The single was Navajo plied using my wheel to give a three ply.

It is smooth, but if I am being honest a little stringy. This is partly due to my overspinning, but also partly due to the fibres. Even the less spun, slightly fluffier patches have a slight stringy feel. There is a lovely sheen though and it does have some degree of squishiness.

I think this fibre is really meant to be spun as part of a blend. It would make a good silk alternative for those who object to silk.

There's about 25g of it, which does not look like a lot for the time it took, I guess that is the problem with fine spinning.

The spindle is now empty and waiting the TdF. Fortunately I have the orange fluff to work on when the spinning mood takes me so the wheel and one spindle should stay clear.


  1. That's wonderful banana yarn! Looking forward to TdF:)

  2. Now if only you could find some banana kool aid to dye it with!

    I'm resting up for TdF, not spinning anything so my thumbs and wrists will be nice and limber!

  3. The yarn looks delicious and yes, another great alternative. I think I need to get some to try. One more week and TdF will be here.

  4. It looks really good - I've never done anything with banana yarn before, sounds intriguing!

  5. Pretty spinning, this yarn will make a nice addition to one of your projects!