Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beautiful yarn

I have beautiful new stash to show you all, and what makes it even better is that I won it (dances with happiness). Mmmmmm, yarn.

I never really got the whole podcasting about knitting thing, because knitting is something you most definitely need to look at and squish but I thought I would give the playful day podcast a go, and I am pleased I did. The knitting chat is good plus there is talk about food and drink (ah, knitting and food, two lovely lovely things!). I have since tried another podcast and still like this one the best so will be going back for more.

You can find the blog and links to the past podcasts here. Go listen, enjoy and tell greentrianglegirl she is wonderful.

The yarn itself is a lovely semisolid sock yarn from the Knitting Goddess. It is lovely, soft and squishy merino and nylon in shades of green, I even got to choose the yarn and colour I wanted. I need to choose a pattern for it now, it will be part of my A-Z challenge, but needs to be something with some lace or cables to make the most of the lovely colour. You will see this again in sock form within the next few months (if I can resist it that long and don't accidentally cast on an extra pair of socks).

The Knitting Goddess's shop can be found here, it is filled with much loveliness, maybe hide your credit card somewhere safe before you follow the link?!


  1. Wow, that is stunning yarn and how wonderful to have won it, congrats!! Thanks for all the great links!
    Happy knitting

  2. It is lovely, congratulations!

  3. Oh lucky you! That yarn looks super yummy!