Monday, 2 May 2011

Froggity frog- Winging it sweater

I am down to only two of my WIPs from the start of the year- the everlasting sock yarn blanket and the hibernating ducky socks. This was achieved by finally doing something about this jumper:

It has been sat waiting since Christmas as I needed to improvise the sleeves and was not feeling enthusiastic about it.

I was not sure about the ribbing either, the combination of ribbing and chunky yarn gave me a look that kind people might describe as "fluffy". Less kind people migth be more blunt!

Frogging is a lot of fun, you would not believe how fast a jumper can be pulled apart. The four top sections that were worked flat gave a little trouble, but once those were undone I hooked the body section up to a ball winder and away it went!

I now have a pile of chunky yarn again. It will be a sweater eventually but I need to do some pattern hunting first, and this time no ribbing on the body!


  1. ooooh, I hate to see frogs but I know it needs to be done sometimes.

    BTW, I know a secret...tehehe,and it involves you ;-) You'll have to wait a wee bit before I let you in on the surprise.

  2. I agree, ribbing and chunky yarn don't mix! But you can't have it rolling, either ... hmmm!

  3. Don't you wish they knit up as fast as you can unravel them?

  4. Bummer! But I never would have thought of using my ball winder to undo the knitting. Very crafty.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  5. It seems that the ball winder can take some of the sting out of frogging because it gets it over quickly. Sorry you had to frog but I think you made the right decision. I'm sure you will find something spectacular for that yarn!

  6. Sometimes it's a big relief to frog something that's just not working out. Now you have all this yarn back to do something you'll like a whole lot better.

  7. I love using a ball winder to frog anything. It goes so quickly that it doesn't seem quite so painful.