Sunday, 24 April 2011

Magazine review- SImply knitting May 2011

I don't buy knitting magazines very often, they tend to seem a little expensive, but this one had a photo of stitch markers from my shop in, so it seemed rude not to (also I admit I wanted to wave it at people going "Look! Look!")

The thing I like least about this (and many other magazines) is that it comes wrapped in a plastic bag to contain the "free" gift. As well as additional plastic that the World does not need this means you can't look inside. All the larger patterns have a picture on the front, so you can sort of see what is in there, but not what yarn you need or the construction methods. The free pattern book also sits on top of the pictures so you have to stand in the shop shaking it around to see the pictures.

The non pattern content is fairly interesting, but took less than an hour to read fully.

There is a very good section at the back showing how to do the basic stitches for knit and crochet, it is a good "all you need to get started" type of guide.

There are a lot of patterns of different sizes and skill levels. Obviously it is personal taste but there is a jumper and a pair of socks that I might make.

I have a general rule for pattern books- there should be at least four things I will definitely make to spend £10 to £15 on a book, and ideally some others that I might make or some useful information. This means that spending £5 on the magazine it needs to have two patterns I will make, which worked out in this case but explains why I rarely buy magazines.

The gift with this issue was an Alan Dart pattern book for a chess set, which is cute but I am never likely to make it, and a pair of short 4mm wooden straight needles. The needles are nice, much better than the plastic ones you usually get with magazines so these I will probably use.

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  1. I'm with you. I used to have subs to Interweave and Knitters, but over the years I just saw less and less I would actually make. So I rarely buy mags. With so much online, who needs to buy hard copies anymore.