Friday, 22 April 2011

FO Friday- H socks

Happy sock day everyone! So far every other Friday is sock day, :D. Poor socks have been neglected recently as the flip flops have come out.

Today it is the lasest from the A-Z challenge, the H socks.

Yarn: Cherry tree Hill Supersock in Northern lights

Needles: 2.25mm dpns

Mods: Picked up one extra stitch at end of patterned needle to maintain either one or three stitches between purl stitch and gusset decreases. Fewer pattern repeats on leg.

An attempt at a close up of the pattern:
This is a nice pattern, very easy to do and remember. I was a bit worried it would get boring but it was not too bad and fast to make.

Maybe not the best choice of yarn as you can't really see the stitch work, I think this is the last of my varigated yarn, only solids and self striping left now.


  1. Flip Flops? I wear my Burks so I can show off sassy hand knit socks...wearing them today.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. Lovely socks! The color is beautiful.

  3. I think a boring pattern is a great way to show off nice yarn :)
    Awesome job!

  4. Nice socks, and way to cold for flip flops. I'm wearing a wool sweater as we speak. Plus, I never wear flip flops except at the pool anyway.

  5. Gorgeous socks. I love the colours. (wish we wearing flipflops here...)

  6. Oooo, I like these socks and the yarn for them! I'm the same way with the flip flops in summer. If you don't wear flip flops in San Diego you're practically shunned. People wear them all year even!

  7. ooo i love tht yarn!! Lovely colours!!