Friday, 29 April 2011

FO Friday- Stone the Gargoyle

Another scrap down that was meant to be a quick way to sue up some yarn and ended up taking long enough to call it a full on project.

Yarn: Regia 6 ply in grey

Needles: 2.25mm

Mods: I had to stitch his knees to his body to make them stay in place. He also has no wings as I ran out of yarn. I had intended to make some with leftovers from this year's Christmas socks, but I have bought brown and navy blue so no grey for wings.

This is a cute little pattern, although the all knowing world of QI (British TV programme) tells me that he is a grotesque not a gargoyle. Gargoyles have water coming out of their mouths. Or maybe it is just not raining!

There were a couple of points in the pattern where I got lost, but the wonderful world that is Ravelry helped me out.

He is now sat on the dvd shelf with the scary films, seemed appropriate.


  1. He is ADORABLE. I checked out the pattern and bookmarked it. I think he looks okay without wing. You can always add them later when you get scraps of gray yarn!

  2. oh my. He is so cute! and I love that he is in good company on the shelf cos we wouldn't want him to get lonely, would we?

  3. SO cute! I love the way Ravelers are willing to help with mysterious pattern bits. I'd still be tinking away on my first sweater, otherwise!

  4. Cutest gargoyle (or grotesque!) I've ever seen -