Friday, 1 April 2011

FO Friday- Hungry hungry

Hello! Do you have any lettuces?

My attempt at something completely different for blog week today was a nearly wordless post, which is ok because I can do my FO post and let all my ramblings out here.

This is a WIP that needed finishing up, I started it as a Christmas gift but decided the intended recipient would not "get" the hours of knitting so I decided to keep him.

Pattern: Creepy crawly caterpillar by LaTina Steele

Yarn: Lion brand Wool ease, random hand dyed red superwash merino DK

Needles: 3mm

Mods: Made the legs and antenna by fixing a long length of yarn inside the body, using a needle to poke it through in the leg position and picking up three stitches then working an i cord for 15 rows. Cast off then thread the yarn back through the leg. Tie a knot near the end of the i cord for a foot. It was originally intended for a small child so I did not want to sew bits together.

The head was also work on stitches picked up from the body to avoid sewing and make it more sturdy.

The eyes are made from felt

Extra body section worked

The colour scheme is taken from the book "The very hungry caterpillar" by Eric Carle, if you are not familiar with it there is a fantastic video version here. It really is worth a watch, however old you are :)

He now sits on my book shelf, keeping an eye on the Terry Pratchett books.


  1. I'm glad you kept him. I agree...sometimes it's frustrating because you put tons of work into a project then the recipient just doesn't get it. I don't think I'll knit anything for my 17 year old niece again. Argh! After all the work I put into her Angora hat and she never wears it. It makes me sad.

    happy fiber arts friday!

  2. he's pretty cute, actually'! I can't make any toys at all.

  3. He's cute, what a perfect gift this would be with the book The Hungry Catepillar.

  4. I totally recognized it as the Carle caterpillar! So cute.

  5. I love it! I LOVE The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Great job.

  6. What a great companion gift that would be with the book!

  7. Even my 3 year old recognized it as the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Now he wants one...

  8. Aaaaw, the very hungry caterpillar! Loved this book when I was a child!

  9. So cute! I would keep him too!

  10. aww how cute is that catepillar!!

  11. You Know Who would love him! Keep him in case she is at your house and needs a friend!