Friday, 8 April 2011

FO Friday- G socks

So far I am keeping up with the A-Z challenge, mostly due to my tendency to knit obsessively until what I am working on is done.

Pattern: Glynis by Cookie A from Sock innovation

Yarn: Colinette jitterbug in salty sea dog

Needles: 2.5mm dpns

Mods: Fewer repeats on the leg section (5)

This is a nice pattern, but for some reason I had trouble remembering it so needed the chart out all the time I was knitting. I think this is more a problem with my lousy memory than with the pattern!

Although it is a lace pattern, with lots of yarn overs the end result is really more textured than holey, I'm pleased with that as really lacy socks remind me of school uniform socks from when I was four.

The yarn has a lot of my favourite characteristics- the colour is just gorgeous (unfortunately I have not been able to get a true photo, but it makes you go ooooh and mmmmmm), it is also a thicker sock yarn so I could use 2.5mm needles.

It has a high twist, so you get much less in a skein which can be a bit worrying, I did think I was going to run out and weighed the first sock when it was done, there were 12g left at the end. It also does not feel super soft due to the amount of twist, which I thought might make the sock uncomfy but they are lovely and squooshy once on.

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  1. They look super soft and yummy.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!