Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blog week day 4- Where are they now?

Today is about where finished objects end up.

For the most part when I give something away I never hear about it again, and to be honest that is fine. That said I did feel all warm and fuzzy when a friend sent a text message to say that the mitts I gave were keeping her hands warm.

Something I do get updates about are my Dad's socks. He likes thick woolly boot socks and shop bought ones wear through really fast. So ages ago I made him some using Lion Wool ease:

Mmmmm, socky goodness. Sadly these were as tough as the shop bought ones and once I had convinced him they were for wearing not looking at they only lasted two wears

I have now found Regia 6 ply which knits up quickly to give the kind of chunky sock he likes. This comes with a ten year guarantee and so far, when I occasionally ask, the reports are good (7 months so far, I would be happy with a year). This does mean he will get socks for Christmas for ever more .

The projects I keep are obviously easier to track, some are hardly used, some are used all the time.

I have learnt that handknit socks are for wearing, not for looking at (and for feeling a tiny bit smug when you are wearing them). My socks get different amounts of wear, superwash ones are worn the most, they are pretty much either on my feet or waiting for wash day.

Hand wash ones have to wait until there is enough to fill the sink so get worn less.

There are also a few that never really get to be worn like the toe socks and somewhat felted stripey socks, these are mostly early attempts into the world of socks.

I have to admit to playing favourites with my FOs, last year it was all about the Jitterbug Travelling woman:

I wore it EVERY time I went out. This year only a few times. I have no idea why.

The favourite this year is my alpaca flip top mittens, I love these (with capitals and many hearts). Knitting the fingers was a pain, but worth it as I don't think I have left the house without them for the past 5 months.

And yes, I realise I can wear the travelling woman and the mittens at the same time, it just doesn't seem to happen. Thank you to everyone who visits, I hope you are enjoying blog week as much as I am. Although I have to admit seeing all the stashes yesterday gave me some serious sock yarn shopping urges.


  1. Blog week is fun, isn't it? your mits make me wanna run out and get some yarn to make my own!

  2. mmm I love your mittens I bet they are toastyw arm

  3. So happy I found your post! Can I ask how much Jitterbug did you use for your Travelling Woman? It looks so beautiful! I have one skein in my stash and originally planned to knit socks with it but I'd prefer shawlette (I really don't want to hid this beautiful yarn in my shoes!).
    Your mittens are fantastic!

    Happy blogging and knitting,

  4. I love all of the projects but the Jitterbug Traveling Woman is my favorite. I really need to knit myself a shawl like that because they are super sassy to wear.

  5. The travelling woman shawl came comfortably out of a skein of Jitterbug, there was some left over for my sock yarn blanket although there would not have been enough for an extra repeat.
    It is a nice easy pattern to work and can be worn as a small shawl or as a bandit type scarf (wrapped round like in the photo). I also find when I have it like that the tails are long enough to tie in a small knot at the front under the point which helps hold it in place if it is windy.
    The mitten yarn is Super Alpaca, makes me laugh every time :D

  6. Where do you get your Regia 6 ply from. I really struggle to get that. I made some socks with that ages ago and haven't been able to get some since. I love the mitts and the shawl.

  7. Regia 6 ply from McA direct- They are very good, extremely fast delivery. It comes in suitably manly colours, and also if you go back a page from the link there are some multicolours too.
    I believe some places sell bigger balls (hee he, why yes I am immature!) 150g I think but I have not found any yet.

  8. Thank you for your help; I will definitely use my Jitterbug for Travelling Woman.

    Happy knitting,

  9. I love reading about the socks.

    Honestly the more I read about hand-knit socks, the more I want to try making them.