Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blog week day 3 take 2- Tidy stitches tidy mind

Having read some of the other blog week posts and been congratulated about my tidiness I felt a little guilty. It is not that I was lying, I really do think of that box being my only stash, but a trip round my house with a camera showed that it has sort of spilled. First my current WIP, my G socks on the table and a hat (just ends to sew in) and a gargoyle in the bag on the floor. Carders and washed fleece, a hibernating drop spindle project, current spinning project and a random bag of fluff I am not keen on, might use this to line a hanging basket in the garden. Basket used to store needles, notions, WIPs. A hibernating sweater and the sock yarn blanket plus scraps. This is usually tucked away so it is not too obvious.
A bag of fleece that needs washing once the weather improves.

The stash boxes again- yarn on top, yarn stash in the top box, shop stock in the middle and then washed fleece in the bottom.

Bag of scraps being used in my scrap down projects. All part balls and random odds and ends

This is actually shop stock dyed last week, but it is waiting to be labelled so it was hanging around the place, therefore it gets a photo.

Finally a bag of mostly Lion Wool ease that is due to be given away at Easter.

That's a lot of yarn and fibre!


  1. Gorgeous yarns. I actually expected to see more sock yarn since you are always knitting socks but lots of other weights were peeking through.

  2. I think you are organized! I have lots of wips around the house, but it's things I'm working on, so it seems like too much trouble to put them away all the time!

  3. That IS a lot of yarn and fiber! And organised as well!

  4. I love yarny things around peoples houses... makes it homely :)