Monday, 22 November 2010

150g challenge

Some of the projects in this post will pop up again in the near future as scrap downs and FOs, but for now this is a post about how much knitting you can get from 150g of yarn.
I made a few preemie hats a while back, and put a request up on the UK Random Acts of Kindness board for some acrylic in bright colours to knit more with. A lovely lady responded with 150g of hot pink Peter Pan (made by Wendy). This is a surprisingly nice acrylic, very soft and it comes in a wide range of bright colours.
The problem was that I had heard preemie hats are not needed at the minute (I don't know how correct that is, or if it is an Internet rumour). I didn't want to spend my knitting time making things that wouldn't be used, so decided to make some other items. The charity knitting website loving hands takes all sorts of things for a wide range of charities throughout the year, so I figured hats and mitts would get worn.
Since it is such a girly yarn I opted for girly patterns. Using up every scrap I managed to make:
  • Slouchy lace hat
  • Lace edged beanie
  • A pair of fingerless mitts
  • A headband/hairband
  • Three preemie hats in various sizes and styles
  • A doll scarf (I am being somewhat cheeky and keeping this to go in my niece's Christmas present, but they were literally the tiniest of scraps and I couldn't think of a usable project for them)
I am somewhat amazed at how much can be made from a fairly small amount of yarn, I think I am going to have to have a stash rummage and come up with some projects for the odd ball or two that are lurking in there.


  1. What fantastic knits! I'm sure they'll be very much appreciated.

    It amazes me sometimes how far a small amount of yarn can go.

  2. What a great idea and a nice variety for charity knitting. You are right, it's good to knit up something other than hats. Love the headband idea.