Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mousey pattern

I posted this mousey as a FO a while back, and someone asked for the pattern. It is based on the one from the catwarming set by Michelle Ameron in the stitch and bitch book, but I altered it to work in the round and reduced sewing together of pieces.
What you need:
Embroidery thread
Needles for working in the round, I used dpns but it should be workable for other methods.
I have not given a yarn type, needle size or gauge as this pattern is ideal for using up scraps and the needle required is whatever gives anice firm fabric that the stuffing does not poke through (I used DK yarn and 3mm needles).
I opted for acrylic yarn and polyester toy stuffing rather than using wool and wool scraps, this has two advantages- it can be thrown in the wash and I did not want the cat to get a taste for wool!
There are two options for the ears, either make them seperately first or leave a REALLY (really really) long tail when you cast on to make them from, this allows the whole toy to be made from one length of yarn so there are no sewn on bits to fall off.
Ears (make 2):
CO8 sts
Work 4 rows stst
k2tog across row
Cut yarn and thread through sts and tie, leave tail for sewing on.

CO 3sts (remember to leave a long tail if you are doing the ears that way)
Working as for I-cord k one rnd
Use a new needle to kf&b of first st, repeat for each st. You should now have 6sts spread across 3 needles.
rnd 3 and all odd rnds k all sts
rnd 4: Kf&b twice, k2 kf&b twice
rnd 6: k2, (kf&b, k1) 4 times
rnd 8: (k2, kf&b) twice, k2, (kf&b, k2) twice
rnd 10: (k3, kf&b) twice, k2, (kf&b, k3) twice
rnd 12: (k4, kf&b) twice, k2, (kf&b, k4) twice
Continue increases as above until mouse is desired size
k all sts for approx 2.5cm/1 inch.
Add ears in desired position, either:
Firmly sew on pre made ears- weave the yarn tail down the edge of the ear and use to sew onto body.
Thread cast on tail into a tapestry needle, bring needle in through nose and up in ear position. Bring yarn over a spare needle and back into work. Repeat to make 8 loops over the needle along the line of the ear. Bring the yarn back out and work the sts as for the ear above.
When you have finished the first ear weave the tail back down the edge of the ear, into the body and repeat process for the second ear. Tie the end off firmly inside the body.
Use the embrodiery thread to add nose and eye details if desired.
Continue knitting body as before until it is your desired length.
Stuff the mouse quite firmly then close the body as follows:

rnd 1: (k2, k2tog) repeat around round
rnd 2: k all sts
rnd 3: (k1, k2tog) repeat around round
rnd 4: k all sts
rnd 5: (k2tog) repeat round round
Depending on the size of the mouse as determined by the increases made additional decrease rounds may be required, repeat rnd 5 until 3 or 4 sts remain.
Work remaining sts as I-cord to create the tail. When tail is desired length cast off and sew in ends.
Give to cat as bribery to stay away from your stash.


  1. I really like your mouse. I like that you switch it working in the round. I do that often as well. I hate sewing things together it just doesn't look right to me. Great Job and thanks for the pattern.

  2. Wonderful. I'm captured the pattern. I LOVE patterns - especially in the round. And thank you so much for going to this much work. I have a pattern to write out, too, and I'm so intimidated by the task, not sure I'll ever actually do it.

  3. the choice of yarn!