Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Challenge 52 in 52

I have decided to take up another Ravelry challenge, this time the 52 projects in 52 weeks one. It starts today and, obviously, the aim is to finish 52 projects in 52 weeks. They do not have to be knitting projects, it seems other crafty things are allowed so will be getting a varied crafting diet.
Reports from last year had people saying they got a lot done, so I am hoping it will help me work faster and get more FOs.
Currently my monthly aim is:
2 mini socks (one project)
A pair of socks for my sock a month self imposed challenge (one or two projects depending how complicated/size etc)
One session of dyeing a month
Plus something else varying size (I don't exactly have much of a plan here!)
There are also some points challenges (just for bragging rights), I am making this plan up on the spot so it is likely to change
Finish an OLD UFO--a project started prior to 2008 (50 points), have found a baby blanket that I crocheted and needs ends sewing in
Finish a new UFO--a project started prior to 2010 (25 points), Can't enter this as I don't have one (I can't remember when I started my sock yarn blanket)
Try a new-to-you technique (intarsia, fair isle, entrelac, steeking, beading, tunisian crochet, quilting, etc) (25 points), going to have a go at quilting and continental knitting and will probably find some other techniques during the year
Get inspiration from a fellow group member--link to their project in your notes & FO post. (10 points), not looked yet, will go hunting at some point
Six Pairs of Socks or gloves/mittens/knucks during the course of the year (60 points), covered by my sock a month challenge, in fact this might get done twice over
Six Shawls in a year (120 points), I have two left for my 5 shawls in 2010 challenge so I might make more next year and manage this one
Five projects entirely from stash accumulated prior to June, 2010 (50 points), not a problem :)
A hat a month (120 points), not a huge fan of hats, maybe I will find a preemie pattern (is tiny hats cheating?)
A handmade toy a month (120 points), have promised to make my niece knitted and crocheted play food so that might well count for this
A charity/gift project a month--if possible tell us who they are going to! (120 points), see preemie hats challenge (I think that might be cheating) or maybe more knitted boobs.
A pattern from your favorites (using your stash for bonus points) (25 points), definately not a problem!
Clothe yourself from head to toe: Hat, scarf, sweater/shawl, socks (can include undergarments & skirts, if you wish, as well). Each item should have its own project page & you must post a photo of yourself wearing the ensemble. (75 points), might be able to do this, although it depends if projects can count for multiple challenges
A new-to-you project type: do a project you have never tried before, such as a sweater, socks, or a shawl. If you have done a cardigan, a pullover does not count as something new. (25 points), I am going to count the quilt that I hope to make for this one
I think the whatevers a month don't actually have to be done one a month, think it is more like 12 in a year, well, that is what I am going for. That is good for 765 points if I can do it all and repeating challenges is allowed.
OK, so now this is down in writing on teh interwebz (as they say) I have to stick with it or, um, I dunno, the craft demons will come and get me? So I am going to go and do something crafty and get started.

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  1. Good luck with that! You're always welcome to come and rummage in my craft cupboards