Wednesday, 9 June 2010

52 in 52- defining a project

I quite like to write things down, make lists and all that sort of thing. Even I recognise this as procrastination but I am happy to live with it and the lists do help sometimes. Anyway, this is not a list, more a set of rules (or guidelines).
The 52 projects in 52 weeks challenge seems to have pretty open rules, sort of a set your own targets kind of thing. It is a good idea for something like this as everyone works differently, likes to make different things and works at different speeds. Anyway, I figured I should come up with a project definition and try to stick to it. Writing it down on the Internet for anyone to see should help with the sticking to it bit.
So having pondered for a bit I came up with this:
  • If it represents a week of knitting it should take at least 6 hours (one hour a day and a day off).
  • Anything that takes less should be done in multiples.
  • There should be a start and a finish (I am not keen on the breaking a large project into smaller bits idea)
  • The start and finish do not have to be in the same week, but it only counts for the week it is completed.
  • A photo should be posted here on the Friday of each week to show to FO off

So, converting that to individual projects I have:

  • 6 preemie hats
  • 3 mini socks
  • I am undecided whether a single sock is a project or a pair, as they are no good on their own but each one takes 8-12 hours. It will probably depend on what else I get done.
  • Any large project
  • Finished dye project (dry and ready to use)
  • Finished spinning project (dry and ready to use)

As a bonus challenge, and to get me moving on it I am aiming to do a sock yarn blanket square a week as well.


Hmmm, sounds like I will be doing nothing but knitting but as I combine it with watching TV in the evening it should be both achievable and not get in the way of anything else (like working).


Tomorrow's post will be more interesting and have pictures, I promise.

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