Monday, 19 April 2010

Works in progress- a stock take

The problem with doing a knitting blog is that finished objects don't really come along that often. Obviously smaller projects are finished faster and can lead to more posts but what to do the rest of the time?
This weeks post is going to be a wip stock take, hopefully a couple of these might move into the finished object category in the next week or so.
This weekend I needed a portable project to work on while my OH was working on his Landy, I made a start on the Christmas sock pile, one sock down, lots to go!
The sock yarn blanket has grown a little since its last appearance, a long way to go until it can cover a bed though! (This is not in the hopefully finished by next week pile).
Have kind of fallen out with this shawl, I am not sure why although I suspect it has something to do with the lace looking scrunchy and the fairly complicated written pattern. I am sure it will block out and look like the photo on the pattern but I am definitely lacking motivation on it. I do like the colours and how the pattern should come out so am still aiming to finish not frog.
Next up the pinwheel cardigan for my niece. I love the reds and am looking forward to the finished object. I am so very very bored of red garter stitch though. On the upside I can work on the sleeves next then it will be the home stretch for a few outside rounds so I can put a button on. Why is it that the last section of a project seems to zoom past?
Last is this one, I am not a huge fan of it- the yarn is nasty to work with, although the colours are nice and it is soft when knitted up. I have had to hibernate it for a while as it uses the 3.5mm interchangeable needle I snapped so it is waiting until I have replaced it.

I have a couple of other projects in my mind but no casting on until at least the pinwheel cardi is done, preferably another lace pattern repeat and a sock as well- do I have the self control?

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