Monday, 12 April 2010

Proof of my usefulness in the aftermath of the zombie apoclypse

For April's sock of the month I am proving that I can be useful once the world has been taken over by zombies- I can make socks from sheep! OK, so from roving but that is pretty close. (And yes, I do realise that once zombies take over you could probably help yourselves from the abandoned shops, but these are prettier :D)
The roving for these was handpainted and steamed, I made a length of turquoise and green and a length of grey and blue. I did try to split the roving to get two matching lengths of yarn but gave up pretty quickly and left the colour changes to fate.
The roving was drop spindled, as close to a commercial sock weight as possible. It ended up a little heavier so I used a 3mm needle and followed the pattern for a size down from my usual one.
The pattern is based on the freebie one that gets given away with Regia but is really just a very plain, straightforward sock.

Close up of the pretty colours:

I have not worn these yet apart from trying for size and taking a photo, they are not quite as soft as I had hoped but hopefully will not be itchy when wearing


  1. Really gorgeous colours! This yarn is really beautifully made, you must be very happy with it and your spinning skills. I hope they wear well!
    I am quite desperate to make socks and keeping buying more yarn - only to find that I can't get gauge for a pattern or don't want to use variegated yarn with a specific pattern, or, or, or...
    I should just cast something on and see how it goes!

  2. I would definately reccomend the 9-5 sock pattern on Ravelry (or any other broad twisted rib pattern online). Gauge is not important as there is heaps of stretch in the pattern, it is also really easy to do and they are my favourite socks so far.