Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Year of the sock- March

Phew! these have been a long time coming, they have actually taken an entire month to finish and I will fess up that I still have about 30 ends to sew in, but am planning to do them tonight and wanted to post the photos while it was still March.

The entrelac pattern was not overly complicated once you get the hang of it, but it is slow going. I also had to ignore the pattern a bit to get the colours to line up, thats where all the ends come from!
The first sock in progress:

Working with six balls of yarn and seven needles proved to be a bit of a nightmare, lots of tangles, plus I only have one set of 2.5mm needles and had to use 3.0mm. I ended up storing stitches on safety pins and pinning the yarn balls to the work. Made things a lot easier.

Working back across the piece rather than turning and purling helped as well, a bit slower though.

I also had to do a bit of frogging, pulled back the first foot from about 1/3 of the way to try and do jogless stripes, these worked out ok but could be a lot better. More practise needed. The first foot was too short once I had finished it so I pulled it back and added a few extra rows.
Finished socks:

The second sock went much more easily than the first, fewer ends to sew in as I had learnt to ignore the pattern directions and just use the technique, no frogging and the colour change runs around the base of the foot so the hash I made of the colour change is hidden.

Although I spent most of the month working on the socks I did get a bit bored at one point and cast on for a shawl using some handpainted sock yarn in burgundy and black. The pattern is called AeRang, I am hoping it becomes easier to see when it is blocked.
I think some mindless knitting on a simple pattern is in order for the next few weeks.

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