Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Attack of the yarn eating beasties?

More yarny chatter today, hopefully pictures of actual knitting tomorrow if I can get what seems to be the slowest socks in the world finished tonight.

A bit of a disaster at the weekend, I pulled out a 400g ball of undyed DK to prepare it for dyeing and found a lot more ends than there should have been. I couldn't find any evidence of yarn eating beasties, and it's possible I accidently snipped it myself whilst cutting some trial dyeing lengths (yes, I really can be that dumb). Still, if it was the work of bugs, ugh!

On the upside the damage was only in once place and left a lot of useable lengths of yarn, these have been put through the dyepot so if any nasties were in residence they are now well cooked. Pictures to follow when the yarn is dry.

As a precaution I am also going to have a bit of a stash sort next weekend and freezer bag anything wool.

On happier, non bug related, note, the roving I dyed up ages ago to hand spin has finally been spun and finished. It sat on the spindle for ages until i had built the niddy noddy to skein it up ready for washing.

It's approximately the same weight as commercial 4-ply of sock yarn, which is just as well as I have lined it up for making April's sock of the month. Not yet decided whether to go for plain or try for some sort of cabling.
Finishing the yarn meant I got to put my new toys into action to wind a ball from it.

Swift in action:

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! It is SO MUCH FUN! I am just disappointed that I don't have any other skeins to wind at the minute.

The finished ball is also super and can be used as either centre or outside pull.

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