Thursday, 11 February 2016

Cold weather crafting

Because cosy knitwear and chicken soup is just the thing for when the temperature drops.

On the needles

The Owl sweater is coming along nicely, I have worked the body almost to the underarms and started the first sleeve. I am not sure if I am happy with the wrap pick ups on the short row bust shaping so the body is having a bit of a time out while I decide. The sleeve is coming along, considering working the second one to the same point so I can work them at the same time. I keep miscounting my increases, so at least they would be the same for both sides (my camera ate the photo of this one, will get  a picture for next week).

I have been swatching for a new design too, this is not the yarn for the pattern, it is some leftovers I have been trying out stitches with.

Off the needles

Well, off the knitting needles. The cap full of caps is knitted, I skipped the band of white on the final hat. A lot of ends need sewing in before I can officially call this done.

I think a pompom is needed too.

Spinning around

The mixed blue spindle spun single is done, there was just a little left to do, I will use my wheel to ply it with itself.

At the minute the wheel is busy. I have started spinning the alpaca I dyed a few months back. This has been picked open by hand for spinning. It is coming up quite thin, and not quite as even as I like but I suspect it will ply out, I may aim for a three ply, perhaps different colours for each.

What's cooking?

Chicken soup! Made from roast leftovers, definitely cold weather food.

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