Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wool fair in T minus 11 days

Things sometimes sneak up on you don't they?!

On the needles: 
In an attempt not to be ambushed by the festive season the gift knitting has begun. The first sock (of four, for two people, the four legged family members don't wear socks) is at the toe point.
These are made with Regia 6 ply. With stripes to keep the knitting interesting. I sort of used the (Oh so few) Chocolate Squares by Outi Nousianen pattern. But changed the stitch counts, and the heel placement, and freestyled the foot to suit they way I had done the heel. So they are along the same lines as the pattern, just not exactly the same.

Toe should be done tonight and the second one cast on. These work up quickly because of the thicker yarn.

Off the needles:
Nothing so far this week, must knit faster.

Designer business:
This week I have discovered that it is really very hard to take photos of your own head! All I needed to complete my latest pattern was the photos, and getting them has dragged out for a couple of weeks. Today they were finally done and the pattern can now be found on Ravelry.

The Rooftops of St Petersburg is a swirling beanie or beret (the pattern can be used to make both). Worked flat and grafted to create the top, stitches are picked up and worked in the round to make the ribbing.

Shop talk:
The dye pots have come out again this week. I have a few items I need to restock and want to have a play with some techniques and colours.

Today I have been doing a little hand painting. It is ages since I dyed this way and had forgotten what fun it is. Fortunately my steamer still works!

The show must go on:
And it will, eep! I decided my local area needed a wool fair, so now I am organising one, you can check it out at It is at the end of November, so sneaking up fast with things still to be done. It is both exciting and a little scary at the same time.
Everything is booked and arranged, I am currently making a billion (slight exaggeration here) pompoms to decorate the venue. 

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