Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Finally finished

That sums up my projects this weeks, finished, at long last!

On the needles:
Brace yourselves for this- not a lot!

Ok, so the long term hibernators are still technically on the needles, but I am out of active projects. There is yarn lower down this post so I don't imagine it will be long until I am casting on!

Off the needles:
Woohoo! This is where the finally finished bit comes in (but I imagine you had guessed that).

The fluffy thrummed mittens of awkwardness are done. At last. I think at over three years they are probably my slowest project yet.

But now they are done. I need some freezing weather for these as they are super thick and fluffy. Pleased to have tried the thrumming technique.
Pattern is Thrummed mittens, stuffed mittens or fluffies by Joan Janes

In a bit of a finishing frenzy I also got to the end of my Touch the sky. I was going to go until the yarnover rays met the front band, but I decided it was long enough. Ends are woven in and everything.

Ok, so it is not blocked, but I am calling it done and may get it blocked this week.
Pattern is Touch the sky by Elena Nodel.

The second garter mitt was also finished.

My garter grafting still needs a little work (you can see the join), but it is useable. For some reason the second mitten feels a little smaller than the first. Wearable as a pair though, just a slightly more snug fit.
Pattern isGarter mitts by Ysola Teague 

Designer business:
The How shall I warm thee? mittens are up on Ravelry, I have really enjoyed trying my hand at colourwork so there will be more to come.

The hat that goes with these will be released at the weekend too.

I have had a pile of chunky yarn waiting to be turned into cowls, some of this will be on the needles later today.

And this is just clamouring for attention from my stash. I have a project in mind for it so it will get its turn soon.

Other bits:
I know you all need an alpaca photo to keep you smiling, so this is Banksy during his afternoon nap/chew time.


  1. Your blue fluffy mittens are fantastic! I really love that sweet pattern with tiny white hearts.