Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Between the other things

A short one this week, I have been busy with organising a mini wool festival for the end of November, even for a small show there is a lot to do! (There will be lots of pictures to follow the show though).

On the needles: This kind of covers designer business and off the needles too, since all my projects are design work at the minute I can't do a big reveal. What I can do is show you some lovely yarn.

The yellow is one of mine (BFL/nylon sock yarn in Assemble), the blues are a skein I picked up from Rosie's Moments when I was at Bakewell wool gathering, it is two 50g skeins designed to work together.

One of my projects this week has involved intarsia, I got in a bit of a tangle and now have many ends to sew in, but I am pleased with how it came out, I haven't done much with the technique before.

Spinning around: I have been bribing myself to get some of my chores done with the promise of spinning. Which means I have finally got this bobbin finished.
It started on a drop spindle as a show demo, but I needed the spindle so ran the singles off onto my wheel. There was probably about 60g left to spin at that point; it is done now. I think I will probably ply it with some navy blue.

It is a mixture of blue and grey on merino and silk.

Next onto the wheel should probably be the navy blue, but will actually be this.

It is a blend of merino and linen that I chose on a bit of a whim. I am going to try and spin ti a little thicker. I tend to fail at spinning thick so it will be an interesting one to try.

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