Wednesday, 30 September 2015

WIPing it up

On the needles:
The second thrummed mitten is under way.

These are fun to make. I really am not sure why I have let this project hang around. Now it is started I suspect it will go quickly, and I will have a pair of the world's cosiest mittens. Pattern is Thrummed mittens, stuffed mittens or fluffies by Joan Janes.

The Touch the sky remains, but I did remember to get a photo this week.

I thought the ball of yarn was getting small, so I weighed it and found there is a whopping 56 grams left. This seems to be the yarn that goes on forever! A pair of rows takes less than 2 grams so I can keep going for a while yet. I will probably stop when the radiating yarn overs meet the front band.
Pattern is Touch the Sky by Elena Nodel.

Off the needles:
Despite good intentions to clear my WIPs I did cast on and finish a hat this week.

Made using 100% alpaca, aran weight, from Town End alpacas. I wanted to trial a hat with pure alpaca to see if it ends up saggy. Alpaca has lovely drape but not a lot of memory or spring. So far so good, I will see if the stretch goes with wear though.

Designer business:
The colourwork mitten pattern is all written up, I need to get some good photos for it next though. I think the pattern will work as a hat too so that will be the next project.
The amazing sock blank from Truly Hooked has been made into a pair of socks. I am very excited about them but they are not ready for release yet, watch this space :)

Felted goodness:
This lovely bag of fibre has been worked into a felted piece. Unfortunately it is still wet so the colours are not showing up, I will keep the reveal for next week.

I tried combining the Merino and Cheviot fibres this week to see if I could make the backing for felted pictures out of cheaper fibre. They felt noticeably differently but with plenty of friction will work together. It may not be the best combination.

Non fibre crafting:
I have even ventured away from fibres this week. A huge pile of t-shirts from scout camps etc. that was hogging cupboard space has been reduced to a small pile of neat squares.

They will be sewn together to make a patchwork blanket. There is a lot of jersey fabric so I might need to add some stabiliser of some sort to avoid the squares stretching out of shape.
The rest of the fabric has been recycled and a lot of space has been created.
Sewing up will have to wait a little as I need to give my sewing machine a thorough clean and service.

Sing a little song:
Browsing YouTube recently we found the group Postmodern Jukebox. They do superb vintage style versions of modern songs. Particularly like their cover of All about that Bass (I do like that song anyway).

 Also good try their covers of Thrift store, Gangster Paradise and Wiggle (actually pretty much all their stuff).

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