Friday, 7 February 2014

FO Friday- Fox in socks

I made this one as a Christmas gift but just getting to blogging it now.

Pattern: Frances the sock wearing fox by Jenna Krupar
Yarn: Stylecraft special DK in copper, black and white; held double. DK yarn scraps for socks.
Needles: 3.75mm dpns
The yarn is ok. Good for baby/child items and toys as it is cheap and cheerful acrylic. Feels surprisingly soft though with minimal squeakiness. A good buy for this kind of project, I would give it a go for blankets too as it would be affordable for a large project at £1.69 for 100g. The range of colours is excellent, I was particularly pleased with the copper colour for this project.
Holding the yarn double gave a decent sized project, the body/head was about 20cm tall.
I totally fell for the pattern when I saw it on Ravelry. For some reason saying "fox in socks" entertains me no end (simple things etc.). The little fox is very cute, obviously not in any way accurate in terms of foxiness, but very sweet nonetheless. The pattern is pretty simple, easy to follow and clear. This would be a good beginner pattern for practising knitting in the round. The socks are a great way to use up odd bits of DK and aran yarn, they are quick to make, so any self respecting fox needs a least a couple of pairs (Foxy has purple and green options).
Because everything has a downside- I did think the pattern was a little expensive and thought there could have been a few refinements, things like paired increases/decreases that really polish a pattern. I also worked the ears, tail, arms and legs by picking up stitches, rather than making them separately and sewing them on as I think it makes them more secure, better for kids toys. No way to do this with the nose and keep the round shape so that had to be sewn on.
Overall I am happy with my purchase of the pattern, and delighted with the finished fox. I might have to make more, maybe a smaller one using a single strand of yarn. 

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  1. He is cute. It occurs to me that every stuffed toy ought to have socks!