Friday, 2 August 2013

FO Friday- Squashy cowl

I had a feeling I wrote about this project in the past, but a scroll through previous posts doesn't seem to bring it up, so perhaps not. If you recognise the project it is because I have done so, in which case please excuse my growing insanity :).
I like to spin, especially bright rovings. But often end up with 100g of brightly coloured yarn and no idea what to make with it. Usually the yarn gets put in my stash box and left. Poor yarn :(.
I am trying to come up with more patterns that will solve this problem. Which led to this cowl
Pattern: Squashy by Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren
Yarn: Handspun in aran/chunky weight

There is a picture of me wearing it too, but since I am, as usual, pulling a very daft face that will stay safely on my computer where no one can see it!

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  1. Oh come on ... let's see that other picture :) It's a cute cowl!