Friday, 23 August 2013

FO Friday- Some leftovers, one hat

I have learnt the hard way that taking complicated knitting to knit night is a bad idea. Dropped stitches, missed sections of patterns and sleeve decreases on the wrong side have all shown me this is the case.
Needing something simple to take to knit night I picked this little hat.

Pattern: Two babies, two skins, two hats by Beverly Army Williams
Yarn: Sirdar baby bamboo
Needles: 4.5mm dpns

This pattern answered the brief perfectly- cast on then nothing but knit until it was time for some very easy decreases. As a bonus I was able to use up some leftovers. Most of the hat was done in a single evening, with the last few rows of decreases worked to next day.
The pattern is very simple, the only problem is the hat has come out huge. This fits me, although it is too short for an adult hat. I am undecided whether to give it as a baby gift (babies grow so I figure it will fit eventually) or to find an older child to gift it to.
I am not a fan of the yarn, which is hard to say, because I really do like most yarn. This feels nice, smooth to the touch and comes in nice colours, I really like the grey/blue used in the hat. It also has lovely drape. On the flip side it has very little stretch or bounce, tends to be splitty and hiding the ends inside is a challenge. It is not dissimilar to cotton yarn.
Pattern wise the best choices are shawls and baby hats. At a push it might work for baby blankets, but I think joining skeins tidily would be difficult.
I have two skeins left to use, not sure what to make with them. Plus a few scraps, I might make those into another hat, maybe with a smaller cast on! 

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  1. It is a cute hat. My hats tend to come out large too! I'm forever reducing the cast-ons. I'd try again.