Friday, 22 February 2013

FO Friday- V junkie socks

I have been back on making socks. There will be a few weeks of socks. Which hopefully will give me enough time to get some sleeves done and I will have a big FO reveal.

Yarn: Knitting squid sock yarn
Needles 2.5mm dpns
This is a great pattern, the perfect blend of simple but interesting enough to make you want to keep knitting.
The garter stitch short row heel is superb. It is probably the neatest short row heel I have ever made. It will be interesting to see how comfy it is to wear. I found picking up the strand between the heel stitch and the top of foot, twisting it and working it with the heel stitch on each side avoided holes. 
Top of foot was worked over four pattern repeats, only because I am unable to read instructions properly and missed the word "more", so repeat four times more became repeat four times. The slightly deeper heel works though. To accommodate the change I had to miss the first forefoot section. The final forefoot section was worked at the same time as the toe increases.
Not really sold on the pattern name, they look more like honeycomb cells than red blood cells to me, but never mind.
If I make the pattern again (I don't really tend to repeat patterns, there are so many different ones out there!) I would probably do some ribbing at the top. I thought about picking up and working ribbing upwards but it is ok without. I just like ribbing at the top of socks.

The yarn cam from Erin from the knitting squid blog. I won it in a blog giveaway. It is lovely and soft and the dye job is great. There was no pooling, just a lovely mix of purples and blues.


  1. I knit this pattern in October and I loved knitting it, and they have been my very favorite socks. I don't usually repeat patterns either, but I loved the heel and the simple repeat so much, I might make another pair. Your's are beautiful!

  2. Looks just like the pattern from Newfie Mitts ... although the pattern name is off-putting. Lovely yarn!

  3. I shall have to try your hole-avoiding maneuver. Every pair of handknit socks I own has holes on the gusset sides!