Friday, 15 February 2013

FO Friday- Scoop ice cream cozy

The yardage on the Patons Colour Works that I used for last weeks hat is AMAZING. Seriously, for an aran yarn you get so much. It seems to be a kind of i-cord style chain ply type arrangement (I think, need to have a closer look, I am doing this from memory). I think that is how you get the decent yardage in a thick yarn.
Once the hat was done I wanted to use up the leftovers. The little balls of leftovers that hang around forever are annoyng. I cast on for an ice cream tub cosy.

Pattern: Scoop by Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren
Yarn: Patons Colour Works Aran
There was the perfect amount for a tub height cosy. This project really shows off the colour changes of the yarn. Now I don't have cold hands when eating excessive amounts of ice cream!

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