Thursday, 18 October 2012

Spinning with speed

I am a very slow spinner, seriously slow. The 400g of fingering weight that I am using for my jumper at the minute took me months to spin. 400g, months!
I know why, I tend to spin super fine. Cobweb style fine. The aforementioned fingering weight is a three ply. Spinning fine takes a long time, it has to be thin and consistent with a high twist or it all, quite literally, falls apart.
This is ok, I am happy with the end yarn, but sometimes you want to get to the yarn bit faster. This weekend I gave myself the challenge of spinning thicker and faster.
It is quite a bit less consistent than the finer yarn, but I managed to get 75g spun in about two hours (the length of a film plus a bit, Hoodwinked if anyone wants to know which one).
I have done a second bobbin and have weighed out the fibre for the third. Hopefully plying will help to even out the thick and thin parts.
The giant ball of floof sat on the treadles in this picture is waiting its turn. 
You get to see my spinning corner too, the pile of blue at the front is more super fine yarn. I have a bag of bits of scrap fluff and a bag of yak that is waiting its turn at the back.


  1. I am starting to get that way. I am learning to spin finer then getting a nice light 3 ply and I am LOVING the yarn. Good for you getting a nice consistent yarn for your project.

  2. Spinning thick is definitely a challenge after spinning thin.

  3. I find that when I try to spin thicker singles I end up with random super thin places. I just tell my self it imparts some personality in my yarn. Yours is beautiful.