Friday, 26 October 2012

FO Friday- Stripy square

I kind of fancy making a blanket, but the idea of knitting one does not appeal. Making the occasional square to contriute to a collaborative project satisfies my blanket knitting requirements for now.
I have made the grandmother's favourite pattern before. Starting with a small number of stitches then increasing makes it easy to get the square to the required size.
This square uses a similar principle.
Pattern: Reverse Mitred Dishcloth by The Students of Subway Academy II
Yarn: King Cole merino blend DK
Needles: 3.5mm
Mods: Stripes, YO increase
I worked the increases as a yarn over, it worked better with the stripes than doing a M1 increase. The colour was changed every two rows. Each stripe is narrow enough that the other colour can be carried up the side of the square.
There is a slight gap in the cast on corner (top right above), working an extra row or two might cure this. Alternatively it can be closed up when the squares are sewn together.
The reverse side is not quite so neat, the garter stitch makes the colours mix. It still looks ok, but I would say this is obviously the "wrong" side.  

This square was a farily quick knit, I could see making a whole blanket out of these one day.


  1. There are lots of places to send squares if the idea of a whole blanket doesn't appeal. Some like Knit-A-Square even prefer them without that last end woven in ... how heavenly is that?!

  2. How is your scrap blanket going? I haven't seen you post on that in a long time.

  3. Blankets that are made out of squares look like quilts, and are instantly recognizable as homemade! I've made several baby blankets this way. They're such fun!