Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

Remember how I had that cunning plan?

The one where I would only make small projects that use up stash and can be finished in a weekend, avoiding WIPs and mid week distractions?

Well, yeah, that might not have totally happened (I am guessing you may have seen that coming).

So here are my current WIPs

The sock yarn blanket. This is really excused WIP status as I am expecting it to take the next five years. It is only a WIP if the is a square mid way through being made. I did spend about three hours sewing in a bunch of ends last night which made me feel all virtuous.

Mr Greenjeans cardigan. The top part is done, but I need to change needle size, the needle I have to use is broken so this has to wait until I buy a new one (wait, does that mean this is technically hibernating and not a WIP at all?!)

A sock yarn cuff/bracelet/wrist warmer thingy that I cast on because it is not possible to go on a bus without some knitting to do. Sitting down doing nothing causes my brain to erode and fall out of my ears, true story.

Some socks, that are not even stash yarn. I was told about a bargainous deal on some Regia 6 ply. I bought lots to make boot socks for work, so now I have socks on the go. I might need some plain for the heels as self striping makes messy heels.

Camo hat thingy using free yarn from a yarn tasting. I was going to make a hat for my niece as there is pink in the colourway. Unfortunately it is knitting up to be more camouflage and less pink, which I suspect will be declared "yucky brown". Any suggestions for patterns to use this up would be great.

I took the picture at the weekend and have since added some monster chunk feet that need a body, great for using up scrap yarn, I may be making lots of these. There will be casting on tonight or tomorrow too for a project I have been holding off on for AGES. I am excited by this and will not allow the WIP pile to deter me.

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  1. Yarn tasting?? Oh I would love to hear more about that.

    My goodness you have lots on your needles! The blanket is going to be so neat when it does reach completion. Keep up the good work!