Friday, 24 February 2012

FO Friday- Boot socks

Someone on Ravelry linked to Kemps who were selling 150g of Regia 6ply for less than £4. If there is one thing I like more than yarn it is bargain yarn!

4 balls in different colourways found their way to my house. I used the justification of making boot socks to wear to work, but really I just wanted stripy socks. They will be boot socks though as I find 6 ply a bit thick for wearing in trainers.

The first pair didn't have a pattern, it is just k3p1 rib with a cuff, afterthought heel and typical knit sock toe.

I worked them over 56 stitches on 3mm needles. Unfortunately they are a bit loose. This was intentional as I figured they would shrink a bit in the washing machine but the ribbing does not pull them as snug as I had hoped. They will be fine in laced up boots but slide around in wellies.

The next pair are being worked over 44 stitches, they look ok so far but may prove to be too tight. It seems I may be destined to Goldilocks knitting of late.


  1. My socks are coming out too loose as well. My gauge is always off with socks.

  2. Love the boot socks! I was going to knit some because I thought I had some heavier yarn for socks in my stash but I don't. I thought maybe a pair of socks in a larger size might get me in the sock knitting mood. Love yours.

  3. Any excuse for stripey socks that cool is a good excuse. I love the colours, and they look so neat and perfect! I hope that the next pair turns out juuuuust right and the too-small-seemingness is just an illusion!

  4. Hello! Those are a great color. Regia does make a very nice sock. The storm we got wasn't as bad as predicted...typical. A few inches of wet snow that will hang around for the weekend and probably be gone by Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. they're wonderful! I love stripey socks =D I've been saving up my yarn scraps to make some too!