Sunday, 20 November 2011

Year of projects- In which I swatched, and there is photographic evidence

In keeping with plans to work slowly on this project in between others all I have done this week was to wind a ball of yarn and knit a swatch. I never swatch, so this is a big deal for me. I have to say it was quite painless!

I have hit stitch gauge, with 18sts over 4 inches, but am a little off on row gauge at 22 rows in 4 inches rather than the specified 24. I think I can live with it, I may add an extra row in here and there when knitting to make up for the difference but I am calling it close enough. So this week I can cast on for real. Expect a skinny bit of ribbing next week.

This post is not going to be linked up to the Ravelry link party because I am feeling a bit bad that I don't have time to go and see others' posts. So if you are reading this you are probably one of my lovely followers, or have stumbled in and am wondering what I am talking about! If I follow you I assure you I read and enjoy your posts each morning as I have my breakfast, so I get to see some of the year of projects posts. Hopefully I will find more time for reading posts so can rejoin the link up in a few weeks.


  1. I have a problem hitting the row guage on most of my swatches too. I say "eeh" and just add a row, It works for me.

  2. Good for you with the swatching ;)

    I always figure that row gauge is far less important - besides, changing the length of something is fairly standard for me anyway (I'm short!)